Gründer Alex und Chris



When the passion for gin unites good friends. Alexander Kayser and Christopher Schuh are real gin lovers.

Back in 2018, these two founded Gin Garden, a mobile gin oasis with garden flair. Gin Garden is the eye-catcher at festivals and street food events and quickly became a point of attraction for visitors. After just a few events, the two had a tingling in their fingers, they wanted to create their own gin. Something special, a new taste experience based on the juniper berry.

After much thought and reflection, it was clear that it would be exotic. With the enthusiasm for gin, the friends started to develop the special recipe. The fine note of mango gives the gin a unique taste experience. With attention to detail and a lot of patience, LA SU Gin, after almost a year of brainstorming and development, came on the market in May 2020.

Traditionally and without additives, LA SU Gin is produced in one of Europe’s oldest distilleries.



Gin! What else could Alex have done than to throw himself into this project full of dedication and verve?

He is an absolute gin lover, fascinated by the diversity and the taste experiences of this spirit. With an eye for the special, his creative nature and the courage to dare something new, he founded his first company in the field of trade show construction and events in 2010. The company quickly evolved as a successful communication & event platform.

His know-how in the event sector and the passion for gin were the basis for the founding and the brilliant start of GIN Garden. This basis is the foundation for something special, the foundation of LA SU – an exciting journey begins.

Gründer Alex
Gründer Chris



As a gin connoisseur, he knows the bars of this world, and through his work as a steward, he always brings new trends and ideas from his travels.

Since the age of fourteen, he has been at home in the restaurant business and has been successfully running his own bar since 2013. His penchant for good drinks means that Chris is always becoming creative. When it comes to his creations, gin sets him no limits. The desire to discover something new always takes him on an unknown taste journey.

As with the creation of GIN Garden, he is fully committed and uses all his expertise on this new, exciting journey – the founding of LA SU Gin.

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